About the Board Game Studio

We are for artists & dreamers.

The Board Game Studio is about respecting the work of artists in the growing Board Game industry and making sure they get paid properly for their work. While Kickstarter has helped grow the industry massively in the last 7 years the “everyone gets paid when we fund” attitude doesn’t help support creative talent in our industry and allow artists to make a living from their skills and talent.

We built BGS as a promise to artists that there is a place where their work is valued and they can rely on getting paid for it. We also built it as a resource for game designers to help realise their dream projects and find vetted talent to help build their visions.

How does the Board Game Studio work?

If you have ever worked or hired through Upwork or Freelancer.com you will be familiar with the online outsourcing model.  While we don’t have the resources of the big players our website has many of the features you would be familiar with including:

Freelancer Portfolios: you can create your profile along with a gallery of your work.

User Ratings: Both the Producers and the Freelancers get rated based on performance

Escrow: When the Producer hires someone to work the money is paid into escrow and get’s released (minus 5% commission) to the Freelancer on completion. The Producer also pays a 5% commission when they pay their escrow.

Project Management: the project can be broken into milestones and the platform includes private messaging and email alerts.

When you sign up you need to register yourself as a Producer or a Freelancer and fill out your profile including your PayPal email address. If you want to use the platform you must have a PayPal account.